Manuka Honey

Our honey is sourced directly from Melita Honey

Melita Honey provides New Zealand’s finest, purest, most natural Manuka honey. Its unique honey practice allows the product to remain as raw and unprocessed as possible. Moonukamilk is made with NZ farmed full cream milk and 5+ Manuka Honey supplied by Melita Honey, a member of the UMF association. This means every bottle of Moonuka Milk is of the highest quality!


New Zealand Milk

There’s a famous saying “You are what you eat” which perfectly relates to green grass pasture fed dairy cows of New Zealand. With world class testing and regulatory herd management, New Zealand has become a world class leader in consistent and sustainable dairy supply to the world. That’s why we at Moonuka Milk, are proud to use one of New Zealand biggest Milk producers for our product so we can guarantee quality from the farmers gate, to the globe.